Credit Cards

Credit cards are often difficult to access when starting your credit journey. Pillar is on a mission to disrupt this complexity, advance financial inclusion and help you get started on your credit journey.

Pillar Build card.

Pillar Build

Add money to set your credit limit.

Representative Example:
0% interest on purchases.
£4.99 monthly fee.
14.4% representative APR (fixed)
Based on a £800 limit

Pillar Classic card.

Pillar Card

No deposit needed, the next-level credit building tool.

Representative Example:
34.9% interest on purchases.
£0 monthly fee.
34.9% representative APR (variable)
Based on £1,200 limit

Compare Cards

All credit cards are not created equal. Here's a quick comparison of credit cards made for credit building.

Pillar card.
Pillar Build
Pillar card.
Pillar Card
Capital One
Max credit limit
Purchase rate
Monthly subscription
Report to all three CRAs
(Experian, Equifax, TransUnion)
No overseas & ATM fees
Designed for immigrants & expats
International credit data
Representative APR

Capital One credit builder card and Aqua Classic card, as of 19 Feb 2024

Why a Pillar Credit Card?

A credit card for internationals & credit invisibles.

Pillar credit cards are designed to empower internationals and credit invisibles as they embark on their path to establish and grow their credit history in the UK.

Acknowledging the unique hurdles faced by newcomers to the country or those lacking a conventional credit background, Pillar Cards provide under-served consumers a chance get on the credit ladder.

Providing the best chances to get you started.

From securing a phone contract to renting a place to live, if you're new to credit you may already have discovered various situations where having a credit score or a positive credit history is essential.

Whether it's by understanding your spending patterns by connecting to your bank account or leveraging your international credit history, Pillar is unwavering in its commitment to find a pathway, enabling you to start your credit journey in the UK with confidence.

Your credit score may go down as well as up and will be impacted by factors such as making repayments on your Pillar card and other credit providers. Failing to make your contractual payments may lead to a decrease in your credit score. Credit is subject to application and status. T&Cs apply.

Using credit cards to build credit.

Credit cards are widely regarded as one of the most effective tools for building and improving your credit score. They offer a convenient and structured way to establish a positive credit history. Here's why credit cards are often considered the best vehicle for building credit:

  1. Payment History: Credit cards provide a regular opportunity to make on-time payments. Consistently paying your credit card bills by the due date demonstrates responsible financial behaviour. 
  2. Credit Utilisation: Credit cards allow you to utilise credit limits, which, when managed wisely, can positively affect your credit utilisation ratio. Maintaining a low balance compared to your credit limit (typically below 30%) is a key indicator of responsible credit management.
  3. Length of Credit History: The age of your credit accounts also plays a role in your credit score. Credit cards, especially if kept open for an extended period, contribute positively to the length of your credit history. 
  4. Credit Limit Increases: As you demonstrate responsible credit card usage, lenders may offer you credit limit increases. This can further lower your credit utilisation ratio, positively impacting your credit score.